What We Stand For

Essex Education Activist Network

Inaugural conference of the Essex Education Activist Network in 2010

Essex Education Activist Network was initiated in March 2010 at a Teach-in held at the University of Essex attended by 120 students and staff in solidarity with striking lecturers at Kings College London.

We are a broad group of students, staff and lecturers campaigning against £9,000 tuition fees, the massive cuts to University funding and the penetration of private companies and market logic into our institutions.

The Essex EAN has been at the heart of the struggle around fighting the fee rises and cuts, both protesting on Campus and in the streets of London. We look to build concrete links between students, staff and the Unions to campaign, fight and win. We must make it clear: the cuts to HE are entirely ideological; education is a right, not a privilege.

We stand in solidarity with students and staff fighting back against these cuts and condemn police brutality against demonstrators. We must stand shoulder to shoulder, with UK, Home and International students, staff and lecturers as well as other Institutions in this fight.

We look for inspiration from the struggles in Chile, in Quebec and in Greece and know that our movement is international.

An injury to one, is an injury to all.

Education Activist Network

(Statement adopted at initial conference in 2010, Kings College London)

Education is under attack.  Up to a third of university funding – £2.5bn – is to be cut, 30 universities could shut down and over 14,000 lecturers may lose their jobs.  Big businesses exert more and more control over the university system.  Cuts in student places and higher fees could exclude many people from higher education altogether.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  Education workers are winning through strike action.  Student protests are taking off across Europe, with universities occupied to stop neoliberal reforms – and to take control of campus for another kind of education.


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