A Call to Education Workers

EAN supporting the UCU Strike action at University of Essex

The Education Activist Network nationally has played a vitally important role in working with the UCU and other Education workers Unions in both the fight around pensions and job cuts as well as in the fight against wider cuts to budgets and tuition fee hikes.

At Essex University, student activists involved in the Essex EAN stood in solidarity with striking workers at picket lines and organised a demonstration of students and staff in support of the strike on the 30th November.

Student and staff unity is key to ensuring that both lecturers and students win the fight against cuts, tuition fees, job losses and attacks on pensions. The student demonstration on the 10th of November saw the UCU and NUS march together, 50,000 strong to challenge the Con-Dems plan for education. Now more than ever, students and staff need to unite. If we march together and strike together, we can win.

Essex Education Activist Network calls on all academic, administrative and other University staff to organise, resist and stand by the students fighting back.

Our demands:

  • The government must tax the rich in order to pay for their crisis rather than inflicting austerity on ordinary people.
  • Educational institutions must publish accounts for public scrutiny in order to ensure democratic accountability.
  • Education staff and students must be free to protest against cuts without penalty or administrative hindrance.
  • There must be an immediate end to police violence and victimisation of protestors.
If you are a staff member at the University of Essex and want to contact the Education Activist Network for more information, or to get involved, please email:
In solidarity,
Essex Education Activist Network

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