Report from the EAN Conference

A good summation of the steps made at EAN conference this Sunday.

Education Activist Network

by Nick Evans, Oxford EAN

Our Universities are Not Supermarkets: Education Activist Network Conference: 28 October

When Jacqui Mitchell, of University of East London UCU, complained to management about their contempt for public education, she was told: “You’ve just got it completely wrong. It’s a product.”

The education workers and students who gathered at SOAS this Sunday for the Education Activist Network conference were determined to fight for a different vision.  From the opening plenary session, at which Jacqui spoke, both the scale of the coordinated attacks on our education system and the will to resist were clear.  Although Willetts’ White Paper was officially shelved, speakers revealed the extent to which stratification and marketisation are being pushed through the back door. The attempt to close courses such as Manchester’s Applied Youth and Community Studies is yet another example of the way the public worth of education is being undermined for…

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Essex Education Activist Network: coordinating resistance to the marketisation of Higher Education at the University of Essex. A section of the Education Activist Network.
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