Berkeley in the 1960s: ‘You can’t trust anyone over thirty.’

In the 1960s, university campuses from the Sorbonne, Paris to Berkeley, CA experienced a complete transformation to become centres of revolt. The university was the place where, “The young are there together, in an overwhelming majority…Ideas spread, and meetings or demonstrations may be organised , with corresponding ease and speed.” (Segal, 1971. The Struggle Against History)

This analysis of university campuses is as relevant today as it was in the 1960s. For those in the UK in late 2010, this process of critical thinking developing into frantically paced protests and demonstrations will be familiar.

As we move into the next academic term, an Autumn of resistance is on the horizon. This summer, take an hour from the sun and re-live the experience of the past. If we can learn the lessons of history, this time, we can win.

This is an award-winning documentary about the origins of the Free Speech Movement along with the beginning of the counterculture of the 1960s in Berkeley, California.


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Essex Education Activist Network: coordinating resistance to the marketisation of Higher Education at the University of Essex. A section of the Education Activist Network.
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